How to Wear a Vietnamese Jacket

Dressing with Cass

This Kotu textile from Vietnam was remade by Dancing Ladies into a wearable jacket. Beaded cloth is a fascinating product of Vietnamese culture. The original garment would have been rather small, so it was altered and transformed into a jacket that would fit a wider variety of sizes. On this model, the jacket is loose fitting and can be worn over a wide variety of clothing.

Add this Vietnam clothing style to your wardrobe’s basics for special occasions or to stand out from the crowd. Dancing Ladies designs jackets from culturally significant textiles from around the world. All can be worn with everyday clothing such as jeans, leggings, camisoles, t-shirts or turtlenecks. Dancing Ladies boutique unique clothing cannot be found anywhere else. They are one of a kind, wearable art.

The Kotu jacket featured in this video was purchased by actor Jane Seymour. The hand-beaded Kotu textile is rare and hard to find. Jane Seymore had just returned from a trip to Vietnam before visiting Dancing Ladies, and she said that she did not find anything like this jacket while in Southeast Asia.

Jane Semour clothing

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